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For more information, please contact Romeo Marquis, Faith Formation Facilitator at Blessed Sacrament Parish. or 978-606-7023.

Do you have loved ones who are atheists? A young boy, whose dad was an atheist, recently passed. 
In his anguish, the boy recently asked Pope Francis, "Is my dad in Heaven?" Watch this very touching 5-minute video.

The lesson to be learned from this video is one of MERCY, a major theme in everything Pope Francis promotes. In this case, his response to the young boy addresses the stigma often associated with atheism. In our own lives, many of us respond to the stigma associated with substance use disorder, often referred to as addiction. Please watch these short videos by a young adult, a parent and a teenager:

Mothers' Day on Sunday, May 13. Watch these two videos about the calling to motherhood.

Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers and grandmothers!